We provide 4 months of top-notch mentorship, strategically linking each team with established mentors in their field. Mentorship includes help with logistics, technical issues, attracting a customer base, hiring employees, and presenting yourself well to investors. When faced with a critical decision, every entrepreneur needs a little help and guidance. We understand that making mistakes is natural and part of the learning curve, but we also firmly believe in the benefits of learning from other peoples mistakes. That is why we believe in the power of focused mentorship, and sharing knowledge and experience openly, bluntly, and honestly.


Mentors helps shape your product and direct your company in the right way. Typically, they are contributors who can occasionally commit a 1- or 2-hour block of time of core mentoring to assist entrepreneurs. Some mentors participate in core mentoring regularly; others are very high profile and difficult to track down, thus, meeting with them is more infrequent yet just as important. Office Hours are scheduled meetings between entrepreneurs and industry experts/experienced entrepeneurs to ask questions about problem(s) they face running their startups and how to best overcome them.


Our mentors are some of the best serial entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts. They know your market, they’ve built and sold businesses before, and they’re there to help you succeed. By having one on one sessions with these experts, our entrepreneurs are building a relationship with mentors that continues on long after the program ends.

Weekly Dinner

Every week we host an on-site dinner where our entrepreneurs pitch in front of invited industry experts, entrepreneurs, investors, techies, journalists, potential customers, etc., who provide another source of connections, critique, and insight. The point of this is for our startups to practice their pitch in front of unfamiliar expertise, creating an indispensable and invaluable feedback loop. Each of these Wednesday dinners are catered by a local startup restaurant, more often than not, accompanied by the founder themselves.