Loai Bafaqeeh

Public Sector Director, Microsoft Arabia


Microsoft Arabia has appointed Loai Bafaqeeh as the public sector director for its Saudi Arabia operations in July 2013.

Bafaqeeh was previously the Marketing & Operation director at Microsoft Arabia.

As marketing director, Loai worked with the team to solidify our STB business as our growth engine in the subsidiary, which resulted in our taking a leadership position against VMware. In addition, he successfully handled our biggest product launches such as Windows 8 and Office 365.

Microsoft Arabia’s public sector division supports governmental bodies and is involved in the Saudi e-government projects with a focus on helping foster a healthy and growing partner ecosystem.

Loai has 16 years’ experience. Before Microsoft he had company-wide marketing responsibility (Investment Services, Brokerage, Investment Banking and Asset Management) at NCB Capital. Before that Loai led key project for NCB such as World Cup Campaign, Credit Card re-launch, Personal Finance and Auto Lease Program Launch.

Loai started his career with P&G where he spent years working on different categories covering health care, food and beverage, and fem care.

Loai received a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from King Abdul-Aziz University in Saudi and an MBA from Arabic Academy for Science and Technology.

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