Essam Alzamel

Founder & CEO, Remal IT


Essam AlZamel is a web and technology serial entrepreneur. Essam has over 10 years experience in the web industry. He is the founder of Remal IT, a leading web services/portals company which owns and operates one of the largest networks in the Arab world, reaching more than 3 million unique visitors per month. Essam was awarded “Young Entrepreneur of The Year” by Prince Salman Young Entrepreneur Award in 2009.

Essam Has founded multiple successful and innovative products, such as Awamer, an online service that automates the stock trading in the Saudi Market, ProVise, a software that measures productivity of employees, and, an online card gaming website which became an instant hype in Saudi Arabia. Kammelna was later acquired by Peak Games, the 4th largest social games company in the world. The deal was considered to be one of the largest in the region.

Essam is currently working on developing a new educational game “Areeb World”. Areeb World is an interactive virtual world that combines entertainment, education, and social networking. Its purpose is to create an immersive and attractive game that will also provide players (K-12 students) with learning activities strongly linked to their school core curriculum, in addition to enabling personality development and cultural awareness.

Essam Has also co-founded many other companies, such as Areeb, an innovative education academy that uses entertainment in education of leadership and business acumen, Fareegi a social networking site for football fans, and Creative cinema, an award winning short-movie production startup.

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