Dr. Mounira Jamjoom

CEO & Co-Founder, Emkan Education


Mounira Jamjoom is a co-founder & CEO of Emkan Education, a boutique education consultancy and school development company. Mounira was previously Assistant Governor and advisor at the Public Education Evaluation Commission (PEEC) in Saudi Arabia and has lead the initiation of the National Qualifications Framework and the Development of the five year strategic plan for PEEC. Prior to that post Mounira was a Senior Research Specialist with the Ideation Center, Booz & Company’s think tank in the Middle East. She was leading the Ideation Center’s research efforts on education, women’s studies, youth development and evolving social issues that have important implications for the Middle East region. Mounira lectures and teaches on a part-time basis. Mounira holds a Ph.D. in Education from Oxford University and a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and a BA in Special Education from Dar Al Hekma University She has written extensively on education in Saudi Arabia, among other topics.

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