Ahmed Essa

"Ideaneurs Magazine, InveNst - Ventures Boutique"


“A Startup fanatic, entrepreneurship activist and veteran, who is committed and dedicated to make the world a better place to meet the increasing challenges of tomorrow on the human, economic, environmental and cultural fronts.
A youth enthusiast, who passionately believes in the latent potential of the Arab region in terms of innovation and creativity; is relentlessly striving to devise solutions, mechanics and platforms empowering, enabling and educating the youth and the under-serviced segments of the society.
A multi-tasking, multi-discipline concept conceptualizer, business strategist & synergizer, entrepreneur who literally walks the talk.
Specialties:Startup Promotion & Enablement, Strategic Planning, Statistical & Mathematical Modeling, Innovation & NPD and Grass-root Projects Initiation and implementation, Marker Research & Business Consulting.”

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