Ahmed Alhakbani

Secretary General & a Board Member of (SEDA)


Mr. Ahmed Alhakbani is the Secretary General and a board member of the Saudi Export Development Authority (SEDA). The primary focus of SEDA is increasing the value and the reach of non-oil exports for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is also an advisor for the Minister of Commerce and Industry of Saudi Arabia and the Director General of the Saudi government commercial offices worldwide.

Prior to joining SEDA, Ahmed was leading the overall organizational transformation project as well as being the Director General of Information and technology and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Alhakbani had previously worked in many capacities in both the public and private sectors of Saudi Arabia. His career started off at Microsoft where he managed the technical relationships between Microsoft and large publicly traded Saudi companies then moved on to become a resident technology onsultant for Microsoft for a large government agency.

After that, Mr. Alhakbani moved on to join the first national e-government task force as a projects manager for strategic and operational key projects.

Subsequently, Ahmed moved on to join Cisco systems in the high profile Smart cities project as business development manager where he was awarded the chairman’s extraordinary achievement award in 2008.

In mid-2008, he left Cisco to become and technology and strategy advisor for the deputy minister of Higher Education primarily focusing on developing the ministry’s e-government strategy and launching the online portal, which won the ministry the GCC best e-government portal award in 2009.

Mr. Alhakbani is a member of multiple cross governmental committees and a board member of the National Center of Palms and Dates (NCPD).

During his career, Ahmed was involved in technology startups in different capacities from investor, co-founder and being involved in delivery.

Ahmed earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems at King Saud University in Riyadh, earned in his MBA from INSEAD, and completed executive education courses at London School of Economics.

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