Naif Al Obaid

Project Manager, the Schools Evaluation program


Naif first started at the King Salman Center for Disability Research. After working there for almost two years he got the opportunity to go to the states and pursue his MBA with concentration in International Trade. After his graduation he returned to King Salman Center for Disability research to head the Public Relations and International collaboration department and managed two projects he was working on; vocational training and micro financing for people with disabilities.
After spending 2 years at the King Salman Center, he was offered the opportunity to work at the Corporate Social Responsibility department at SABIC. However despite getting promoted to the position of Senior Manager for global CSR programs he still felt he has more to offer and could and should do more for others. After much sole searching he decided to pursue a career as a teacher, however after receiving an offer from the Public Education Evaluation Commission he joined them as a Project Manager for Schools Evaluation Commission, Naif is now head of the stakeholder’s engagement at the commission.