Flat6Labs Jeddah FAQs

What does Flat6Labs Jeddah offer?

Flat6Labs Jeddah offers an array of services to the entrepreneurs and their start-ups such as funding, guidance, training, legal support, office space, and more.

What is the program’s duration?

The program duration is 4 months

Do all the team members have to be available during the program?

It is preferred that all team members are present during the program, If not then at least the company’s CEO should be available.

Is there a specific number of members for each team?

There is no specific number for individuals for each team but it is preferred that each team should consist of at least two members.

Can the team consist of members who are not Saudi Nationals?

Yes, It is possible for foreign members to join but there has to be at least one Saudi national member in the team.

What is the BootCamp?

We require each of the selected teams to attend a 5-day bootcamp. This bootcamp is designed as an intensive workshop for each team to work on developing and testing their idea further. It also serves as a very important filter for identifying founders who we believe have what it takes to “Make it in the real world.”

What is the Demo Day and how does it help startups?

Demo Day is an invite-only event held at the end of every cycle, and is generally the first opportunity for investors to meet the promising startups. After 3 long months of sweat, tears, pivoting and acceleration, the teams are ready to pitch in a room full of accredited VC’s, angels, investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, partners, and the media.

Do I get informed If I pass or fail the application process?

Yes, all applicants are contacted and informed with the result of their application.

What’s in it for Flat6Labs Jeddah?

Flat6Labs Jeddah contributes as a founding partner that starts with the startups’ first steps on the road to success with 12.5-15% stake equity while providing various services that will contribute to the development of the company and its leadership

What kind of ideas or startups that get accepted to join Flat6Labs Jeddah?

We accept various tech ideas. Complete ideas with a clear revenue model that fits its targeted audience are preferred. You can apply as an existing startup or as an idea that you would like to transform to a startup.


Al Fakhr, Al Khalidiyah First floor, office number 106

Jeddah 23423, Saudi Arabia

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