Flat6Labs Jeddah launches 9 Saudi start-ups

Friday 29 May, 2015
Flat6Labs Jeddah launches 9 Saudi start-ups

Supported by IKEA and the Arabian Cement’s Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility CER Program, Flat6Labs Jeddah’s Business Accelerator was able to invest and mentor the participating Saudi teams, through a comprehensive 90-day entrepreneurship programme.

The start-up businesses participating in Demo Day included a diverse group of Saudi entrepreneurs, whose projects and services included the delivery of educational and career guidance programs, recruitment platforms, recycling and advertising solutions, localized gaming platforms, online cultural platforms and finally, cloud-based software solutions.

Tuba Terekli, CEO and co-founder of Qotuf and general manager of Flat6Labs Jeddah, said: “Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia is steadily growing and the Flat6Labs Jeddah program success shows the potential of Saudi youth and what they can achieve with the right mixture of mentoring, nurturing, and resources.”

“The building blocks that will support Saudi entrepreneurs to successfully launch their businesses and which will lead to the creation of skilled and high quality job opportunities in the Saudi market, requires that all the stakeholders are aligned and committed to supporting our young entrepreneurs,” Terekli added.

Ten technology start-ups from Saudi Arabia

● Allemni is an Educational Technology (EdTech) web and mobile start-up that targets pre-school children with a focus on building value-driven, entertaining, and informative interactive applications that nurtures their cognitive abilities.

● Estickery is an online store that sell customized wall stickers that are produced through design input from graphic designers, calligraphers, painters and photographers. In addition customers can submit their designs and pictures, which are then created as wallpaper stickers.

● Polisher is a web and mobile-based mobile car wash service that not only brings convenience to car cleaning, it also looks after the wellbeing of the vehicle’s owner and his family. Through its use of steam, which is unbeatable as an effective cleaning and sterilizing agent cars become squeaky-clean.

● Sandooq is an e-commerce website that bundles and sells complementary products, in order to bring greater convenience to the shopping experience.

● OFFWAYS, a B2B corporate retention services provider platform, helps motivate and reward employees in order to increase performance and retention.

● Vanoman is an online booking platform for household transportation service providers in Saudi Arabia. Through Vanoman, customers are able to receive quotes from registered providers (verified) and are able to check the profile of each bidder and see previous customers feedback before accepting the sent quotes.

● iRehab is a platform that helps parents and therapists to support children who suffer from deficient motor skills. Combining different tools to assist parents in home exercise programs through the online display of audio-visual exercises, online consultation and 3D visual exercises. In addition to offering email consultation with experienced therapists, parents and support groups.

● Mahara is an online and mobile platform that enables individuals to find and hire skilled Blue Collar Labor for various home maintenance services. Mahara provides convenience and well-priced quality service.

● TeamReem is gaming studio that provides Arabic content games created to be culturally relevant to the Saudi market. The focus is on game genres that have language and cultural context, in order to deliver meaningful experience to the Arabic gamer.

● Selsal is the wedding planner at your fingertips. It removes the stress, time-consuming and tiring efforts associated with organizing a wedding. Selsal is an e-wedding service provider that seamlessly integrates wedding services by connecting the groom and bride with the different vendors.

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